General Manufacturing


Many products are dried before entering the marketplace. Solvents are removed from the product in heatable static or dynamic dryers. The advantage of vacuum drying is that the product can be processed at low temperatures.


When industrial surfaces are coated, metal vapors are handled under vacuum. In typical processes the metal condenses as a thin layer on the surface of the substrate. Vacuum is necessary to keep the metal vapours under pressure.


Impregnation involves the following process: the final product is evacuated in a receiving vessel. A suitable impregnating agent, such as a resin, penetrates the surface of the material under vacuum.


Extruders are typically used for product degassing. In extruders highly viscous substances are compressed and simultaneously freed of solvents. The vacuum pump used serves exclusively to evacuate low boiling point solvents as well as any air that has entered the material through leaks.

Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Processing Industry Applications

Vapor recovery

Vapor recovery is used in the chemical process industry to remove and recover vapors from storage tanks. The vapors are usually either environmentally hazardous, or valuable to be recovered. The process consists of a closed venting system from the storage tank ullage space to a vapor recovery unit (VRU) which will recover the vapors for return to the process or destroy them, usually by oxidation.

Thin layer evaporation

This process, which is also called molecular evaporation, is used to separate substances that have narrow boiling point ranges. This type of equipment has a special design that only operates properly at specific vacuum levels.


The high quality standards that apply to chemical and pharmaceutical industrial manufacturing set the bar as high as possible when it comes to manufacturing and planning. The high level of satisfaction on the part of our long-standing customers is based on our decades of engineering experience. In applications in which highly explosive gas mixtures are extracted, in low and high vacuum zones of vacuum drying systems, in the vacuum distillation of solvents and in vacuum crystallization filtration our products are the first choice for customers around the world.