Food and Beverage


Air, water vapour, fat and spice mixtures are evacuated using vacuum pumps. Because of higher requirements for quality of food with regard to flavour, colour, homogeneity and durability, meat processing uses more and more vacuum, too, e.g. in filling machines, tumblers and cutters.

Vegetable oil refining

Vegetable oil refining consists of a series of processes (chemical neutralization, bleaching and deodorizing) which generates the vast majority of oil used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Vacuum blenders

Vacuum systems are used to obtain a compact mixture without air bubbles, with a perfect cut of the product, best colour and maintenance.

Food and Beverage Applications

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Removal of impurities

Pulp products such as tomato or fruit pulps needs to be cleaned from impurities. Selecting equipments used to intercept and remove impurities from food pulp are coupled with vacuum pumps or vacuum blowers in order to provide the vacuum required for sucking impurities.

Filling and closing machines

When bottling beverages, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, the bottle is first evacuated before being filled to make sure the product reaches the customer in good quality.

Concentration systems

Concentration systems are used to concentrate a food product (for instance tomato sauce), which is normally diluited into a solution. The concentration process is basically a thermal process for removing and exctracting the lighter compounds and concentrate the heavier. Vacuum pumps are normally used to generate vacuum for lowering the product boiling point of this thermal process, saving energy and preserving food quality. Centrifugal pumps are used to transfer the condensate resulting from concetration process.

Degassing mineral water

In mineral water production systems, vacuum pumps can be used to provide vacuum in order to remove oxygene from the water and saturate it with carbon dioxide.