Serving Your Industry

For many decades, Gieffe Systems teams have been highly competent and globally respected suppliers of technologically advanced solutions designed to meet specific customer needs. We supply compressors and vacuum pumps for a wide range of applications. Our technologies include

  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors
  • Screw vacuum pumps
  • Rotary lobe blowers and high vacuum blowers 

Compressed Air Applications

Mining, Glass Industry, Power Stations, Forging, Cement Industry

Gas Applications

Biogas and Wastewater Treatment Gas

Raw Biogas, Biogas Upgrading, Landfill Gas Extraction, Boosting Pressures for Cogen Power Plants, Gaseous-Fuel Engines and Industrial Ovens, Digester Gas Recirculation

Pure Gases

Coal Mine Gas Extraction, Compression of Natural Gas, Hydrogen Compression

Toxic Gases


Special Gases

Compression of Flare Gas in Refineries, Compression of Coke Oven and Blast, Synthesis Gases, Wellhead Compression



Vacuum Applications

General Manufacturing



Vacuum Generation


Central Vacuum

Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Processing Industry

Coating, Degassing, Drying, Impregnation, Thin Layer Evaporation, Vapor Recovery


Biogas Production, Distillation (Solvent Recovery)

Food and Beverage

Filling and Closing Machines, Evacuation, Concentration Systems, Degassing, Vacuum Blenders, Removal of Impurities, Vegetable Oil Refining


Extruder Degassing, Ruber Degassing, Solid State Polymerization

Power Generation

Condenser Evacuation, Production of Distilled Water

Brick and Ceramics

Extruder Degassing